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About Us

Mapping the Journey to Successful Employment

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For over 30 years CSE Consulting has built a reputation for excellence by providing inspiration to our clients. In 1989, CSE Consulting opened its doors in Brockville as a training centre, teaching computers to local businesses and individuals seeking to improve their skills. Since then, we have expanded to Kemptville and Prescott and our services now include job search support and strategies, employment preparation for injured workers, and employment supports for persons with disabilities.

Our philosophy is to support job seekers who want to increase their potential. Whether they are members of the public looking to improve their business and computer skills, people looking for jobs, career direction, or starting  their own business, workers who have been injured, or persons with disabilities looking for fulfilling work – our mission is to help people stay on track and positive through their journey. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff offer information, tools, and moral support to prepare you for the next step in your professional life.

Our Mission

We Value

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a customer-centric, professional service to individuals, employers, and the community — fostering growth, independence, and sustainable employment.


CSE Consulting will be a leader in the community, reaching out and responding to the needs of individuals and employers, helping to build sustainable communities.

  • Accountability of ourselves and clients

  • Confidentiality at all times

  • Customer-centered programming

  • Quality delivery of services

  • Continuous learning and improvement

  • A non-judgmental, non-discriminating environment and attitude

  • Partnership and collaborations

Our knowledgeable, professional team has extensive experience and education in the fields of career consulting and adult instruction, as well as career backgrounds in diverse disciplines from manufacturing to human  resources. Collectively, our staff has a broad range of credentials to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

Staff credentials include:

  • Ontario Teachers Certificate

  • Certified Career Management Professional, Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Certified Job Finding Coach

  • Certified Career Management Professional, Employment Facilitation/Work Search Specialist

  • Learning and Organization Development Advisory

  • Teacher of Adults certification

  • Personality Dimensions® facilitators

  • Microsoft Office User Specialist

  • Bachelor's degrees in various disciplines

  • Career Development Practitioner Certification

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