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What our clients say:

"The talented staff at CSE were very engaging and supportive to help me through the process of defining/highlighting my capabilities, and helping me search for prospective employers, plus keeping on top of business opportunities, as well as sharpening my prospecting and interview skills. The staff were friendly and very welcoming!"

"I was very impressed with the help that I received. Staff went out of the way to help me fill out the paperwork I had to do. Thank You CSE staff!"

"What I liked best was the information available and the pleasant attitude of the teachers. Teachers are very helpful and pleasant to work with."

"I had a fantastic experience working with the professional team at CSE Consulting. The process was simple, straightforward and highly effective. The goal-based structure and one-on-one meetings with my counsellor helped me stay focused and motivated."

"I feel more confident than before I started. Everyone was very helpful and enjoyable. Thank you."

"My time here has been well spent, and a very enjoyable experience."

"Even after I found a temporary job the Prescott staff was still checking up on jobs for me. I've also been to the Kemptville office and they couldn't do enough to help me, they were a great help."

"I couldn't have asked for better. The staff was wonderful & extremely helpful. I felt comfortable & relaxed at all times. Thank you!"

"I would like to thank all the staff of CSE for all their support and encouragement to go forward and find a job worth having.Because of the CSE staff I have a great job. I still keep in touch whenever I can."

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