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Second Career
The program provides the following benefits:
  • Access to training for jobs that are in demand in Ontario.

  • Financial support up to $28,000 to help cover: tuition, books, and other instructional costs.

  • Help with transportation costs.

  • Basic living allowance (up to $500 per week).

Additional support may be available to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, dependent care, and costs of living away from home.
You can apply even if you are receiving or have received unemployment benefits.

The eligibility criteria for the Second Career program are:
  • Have been laid off and have not been working or

  • Have been laid off and are working in a temporary job to make ends meet.

Your application will need to show:
  • How long you’ve been unemployed, working in your temporary job, if applicable, and how long you’ve been looking for work.

  • Your job search history.

  • Your educational attainment.

  • Previous work history.

  • Desired area of training and institution.

Could your application be fast-tracked?

People laid-off due to Covid-19 who want to retrain in areas that have been identified as priority in Ontario with good potential for future employment, are being given priority.

To be eligible for the fast-track stream:
  • You must have been laid off on or after March 1, 2020,

  • Have high school education or less, or laid off from an occupation requiring no more than high school education,

  • And laid off from an industry hit hard by the pandemic, such as hospitality and food services, transportation and warehousing or wholesale and retail trade.

You must seek training in an occupation that is in-demand locally or a priority area for the province. 

To register

To verify your eligibility and learn more about the program, please contact an Employment Consultant at our Employment Resource Center.