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In Motion & Momentum+ is a FREE workshop series of three modules over 10 weeks that use an experiential learning approach.

It is a strengths-based approach that allows participants to experience success, pride, respect, connection, hope and achievement.  IM&M+ uses action-based learning methodology (e.g., multi-sensory-based activities, group projects and facilitated problem-solving sessions, action planning, goal setting, exploration of roles, improvisation, and implementing a community development initiative) in a cohort-based delivery format. 


When participants register – they are agreeing to join a group of the same individuals through all modules – In Motion, Momentum, and Momentum+.

This fully virtual program helps participants:

  • Create a vision for now and the future that is consistent with their life values

  • Identify and build targeted life and employability skills (communication, healthy interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, dealing with stress, money management/budgeting, coping with change)

  • Practice setting realistic and meaningful goals connected to their needs and their vision for the future

  • Practice developing and implementing action plans that reflect their vision and goals, address barriers and include appropriate supports

  • Explore roles (work, learning, volunteer) that connect to self and have the potential to contribute to family/community

  • Explore a wide range of options and opportunities, so their horizons are broadened



Contact the Resource Centre closest to you to register for any events you are interested in, or to get more information about CSE's services, special events or workshops.

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