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Using Social Media in Your Job Search

By Jenn F.

Time and time again we hear the same thing working with clients:

  • “Things have changed. I never needed a resume before.”

  • “I don’t know where to start job searching on the computer.”

  • “I started, but I gave up. I got overwhelmed.”

These are valid concerns and job searching can be an incredibly isolating and discouraging process. As technology progresses, so do our employers. And job searchers need to keep up. The challenge is that our employers are people and there is no hard and fast rule of how to apply for a job. You need to use the platform the employer uses and prefers — your role is to make the employer’s job easy, so they’ll hire you.

Depending on a job’s location or industry, there can be a heavier emphasis on the use of computers and social media in the application process. Social media not only connects us but creates another way to job search.

Where do I start with social media to job search?

Start where you probably already spend a lot of time: Facebook. Some people are surprised to hear that they can find a job through Facebook. More employers are using Facebook to advertise their positions because it’s free and people use Facebook daily.

Here are 5 local groups/ pages to check out:

Not only will you find job advertisements, but you can post in a group what you are looking for along with your qualifications.

Here’s an article detailing other social media platforms to use: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the Benefits of using Social Media in Your Job Search.

What about privacy?

Be sure to protect yourself online. Employers can and will search your name to see what they can dig up about you online. Check your privacy settings and be careful of what you share. Use social media to your advantage. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and ensure your content positively reflects on the career direction you would like to take.

We also need to watch out for fake job advertisements and scams. If a job advertisement seems to good to be true, contains a lot spelling or grammar mistakes, and feels “off” to you, it’s probably fake.

Jobs come to us in all different ways. Be cautious, but use social media as another tool in your back pocket.

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